Not working in your Personal project is dangerous!

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Hi guys! It's been a while since the last time I wrote something on my personal blog (Probably years). However, what brings me here is to write about a crucial concern about my professional/artistic life.

Lately I've noticed how many artists upload a lot of drawings, speedpaintings, sketches, linearts, etc. Every single day, even though those pieces of art are awesome, probably they're not working in what they really want to achieve in their artistic path. If that's your case (even mine) probably what is happening is that the first thought that comes to your mind when you think it's time to work in your personal project (your dream project or goal) you say to yourself "Is not time because my art is not good enough".

That way of thinking is killing more artists than the lack of opportunities in this envinroment, I know it because that thought crossed my mind just some hours ago, I'm not talking about months, weeks or days; It just came into my mind lately. And believe me, if that is what you're thinking, you are already losing the battle against destiny.

I always wanted to make a cool fantasy-style comic, but I was pushing myself every single day to create a single illustration with two purposes

1. Improve my art.
2. Force myself into drawing every single day.

And that was good, but somehow in some point after 50 drawings I thought I lost it. I was deeply lost in improving and improving that probably I lost my focus and the idea of making a comic went into a drawer and the daily challenge became my top priority and that's just really off. 

I look at my art from day 1 to day 50 and holy moly, it's a great improvement!! Even I can see that!! But today, February the 21 of 2016 I realized something and it's the following:

"Practice is important, but practice is for making your goals to come true, not just to practice". 

"If you want to be someone in life you must have a goal and stick to it, no matter what".

"Take your time, don't rush it, create something you must feel proud of".

From now on I will focus on pursuing my dreams, practive and improvement, will come, just like happened with comic artists I admire so much e. g. Akira Amano, Hiroyuki Asada, Katsura Hoshino, etc. 


Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-Man Improvement (Left to right).

I will stick to what I love, to what I want to make and create it with all my might!! Thank you very much for your understanding and for reading this whole blog, if you're reading until this, you're awesome!!

I hope this is helpful for you or for someone who wants to get back into their trails, please share this article with them, they will give you a big thanks, not all the human beings realize this by themselves.

I'll keep my blog updated with new stuff and advances about my professional projects! Keep in touch!!

Have a good one!

Mastering Manga Studio 5 by Liz Staley

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I've received my copy of Mastering Manga Studio 5 from PACKT Publishing, this is a very fun an helpful book who will help professionals and beginners to learn to use this magnificent software to draw comics.

The book will guide you through the most basic contents to the more advanced ones, such as customizing your own tools, story management menu, how to use the rulers and other tools that will help you in the path of becoming a great comic artist.

I want to give my thanks to PACKT Publishing for letting me participate in this amazing project as one of the reviewers, it was a nice experience.

Do you want to know more about this book? You can see the whole information here.

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Tapastic, my personal review


Tapastic is a great Website platform for Webcomics. You can get in touch with artists and other readers, It is also a very good option for beginner comic artists to upload your Webcomic.

I've been in this website for almost 3 weeks, I really loved this site!

There are really good points I must tell you about this awesome Website:
  • The design is soft, simple and useful! You have all the things you need in a simple and easy interface that will not distract you, you will only have sit and read awesome stories!!
  • You can join with your Twitter/Facebook account, fast and simple!!
  • Do you want to find a great place to share your Webcomic? Try Tapastic! You can even join the PPP (Primetime Publishing Program) and earn money just by sharing your Webcomic!!
  • Scheduled publishing is one of the things I loved the most from this Website, you can upload your comic strips and decide when It will be published!! Awesome right?
  • It is a great place to find new and new readers :)

I can't even imagine a negative thing about this website... it goes straight to the point... READING WEBCOMICS. Nothing more.

Want to take a look at my Webcomic Ereggia published in Tapastic? Just click here!! :)

I hope this information was useful for you!!!Thank you so much for reading my review!

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New Release Schedule for Ereggia

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There will be a new Release schedule from now on on my Webcomic Ereggia.

There will be 3 pages per week.
One on Tuesday, one on Thursday and another on Saturday. That makes 3 manga pages a Week!

Where can you read Ereggia?

I've been publishing Ereggia in two awesome websites:
MangaMagazine and Tapastic. You can click the Website's name to go to read the Manga!

Chapter one is about to end in a month! Action will come to the world of Ereggia!
Please Stay tunned!

I invite you to join the Facebook Fan page of Ereggia to stay alert of further notifications!

Thank you so much for reading Ereggia and supporting my first serious Webcomic!


Cover Update - Ereggia


Hi guys!! Today a month ago I started this project! Ereggia, a manga published in
You can read it by clicking here.

I want to thank to all the people who are supporting my art and reading my Manga series!!
Thank you SO MUCH!

Here's some information from the Webcomic:

Deejan Gryff is a 16 year old boy who lives in a small town where most people rarely notice his presence, this strange phenomenon began to happen 3 years ago and has gotten worse over the years. Everything started happening since he began to dream of a strange girl who always said the same words to me "Join me in Death my lord".

One day he suddenly becomes an invisible person, even to his own sister. This will trigger a series of events that will end in the apparent death of Deejan Gryff and the entry into a mysterious world called Ereggia, where there is a strange god that everyone admires, supernatural creatures that will try to survive in this world divided by four main castles.

Deejan resigned to return to the human world will undertake an adventure that will take you to discover more of his tragic past and facing a dangerous fate.

Updates: 3-4 Pages per Week.
Read from Left to Right

Here's a blog post about some advices for Webcomic Beginners! :)

New Sketch Blog on TUMBLR!

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I just created a new Website!! A Sketch Blog on TUMBLR.

In this website you will find:

  • Process of my last illustrations.
  • Some random Anime/Manga, Machines, boys, girls, fantasy, creatures sketches.
  • Maybe one or other tutorial.

Feel free to visit me!! Here
Thank you very much!! See you next time!!

Remember to take a look at Ereggia, my Webcomic published in

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Ereggia is Here!

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Hi guys! It is been a while! The last week was very busy for me because of the Launching of my new Manga Series Ereggia! and it is published in



Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

 Day after day Deejan Gryff has always had a dream hovering his head, there's him wearing a weird hat next to a girl whose face he is not able to see, she always says the same words to him "Join Me in Death". One day everything seems to change, his luck is worse than usual, on this day will trigger a series of events culminating in the apparent death of Deejan.

"Ok, ok, ok! This is really weird! What a strange place, it seems neither heaven nor hell."

Welcome to a place called Ereggia where you have to decide whether to fight and survive for making the impossible or just resign yourself to being stuck in this fantasy world full of unique creatures for the rest of times.

What's the main Idea Behind Ereggia?

What I wanted to achieve when creating Ereggia is a very fun manga, packed with adventure and some other elements that will fill the reader's mind and heart with pure joy and some little things that will make him happy. 

Ereggia is a world where everything can happen, there are some weird rules, but in fact you must follow those rules to survive in this magical world. Every character in this Manga series has a very long work behind, I'm not taking this lightly, as you can see in the art, I'm taking my time to add the more details to the story and make it a better experience for the reader!

Everyone loves art! I'm sure you can find some interesting things behind Ereggia.

Ereggia, the Overview.

Ereggia is such a big world, filled with a lot of magic creatures, but there are 3 main races, the weakest one are the Humans, who are always bullied by other races. Ereggia is a place for heroes, not a place for people who wants to have fun. There are serious problems, the government is starting to go too far with the punishments, the creatures are more wild than usual and some guilds will start to develop their own methods to violate every law that protects this fragile world.

People who reach this world are because they where chosen by the god of Ereggia, but there are also creatures and spirits who enters abruptly to this world only to create chaos and satisfy their own cruel and selfish wishes. 

If you're chosen by the Ereggia's god, you can pick one of 3 Spheres:

Red - Related to Life.
Green - Related to Ambitions.
Blue - Related to Knowledge.

There are some other Spheres, this one are not legal in the world of Ereggia, but you will see them appear in parts of this story.

Deejan Gryff, a non-hero.

Deejan Gryff is a common town boy, he loves to play video games, stay at home and read some comics. But there's something a little bit strange about him, every night he dreams with a girl he cannot see, and when talking to her inside his dream, she will tell him to Join her in death. He has the same dream since he was a little child.

When Deejan Gryff reaches the world of Ereggia, he will be threaten as a invader, he's supposed to not be chosen by the Ereggia's god. What awaits for the future of this young boy? Discover it by reading Ereggia! Avaliable for now on